EMBO workshop 2021

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Day 1: tomography

day 'time
14:00 Introduction
14:30 tilt series alignment: manual
15:00 tilt series alignment (GUI)
15:30 tilt series alignment (command line)
16:00 Break
16:30 models: catalogue system
17:00 models: helical symmetry
17:30 models: vesicles and surfaces
18:00 Template matching

Day 2: Subtomogram averaging

'time subject
14:00 Introduction
14:30 Getting started: synthetic thermosomes
15:30 Advanced tutorial: FHV
16:00 Break
16:30 FHV: continuation
17:00 Seed oversampling
18:00 High resolution pipelines

Module 1: alignment of tilt series

Manual alignment of tilt series

Automated alignment of tilt series through the GUI

Automated alignment of tilt series through the command line

Module 2: alignment projects